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Balloon artist

Sculpteur de ballonsThe balloon artist manages to transform simple little balloons in all sorts of diverse shapes.

What form?

A heart shaped balloon for a pair of lovers, a knight sword balloon for the more adventurous, animal balloons for nature lovers, hats of all colours and lots more fantasies shapes that will amaze children and adults.

Big balloon

Here is what the balloon artist can do with a balloon: a dog, a word, a cat, a heart, a rabbit, a duck, a dinosaur, a horse, a parrot, an elephant, a pig, a swan, a bear, a seagull, a gun, a tortoise, a motorcycle, a person, a plane, a flying saucer, a hat, a flower, a mouse and a giraffe.
With two balloons: a flower, a snail, a guitar, Pluto, a pigeon on a hart, a butterfly, a skunk, a bee, a candle, Titi, a snake and a bear on a bike.
With three balloons: a rocking horse, a penguin and the pink panther.
With four balloons:  a spider, a camel and a dragonfly.
With five balloons: Daffy duck, an octopus and a dragon.Ballon en chien
With six balloons: Mickey, Caliméro and the genius of Alladin.
With seven balloons: a wolf, a crocodile, Felix the cat and Speedy Gonzalès.
With eight balloons: a fly, Grominet, Bart and Omer Simpson.
With more than ten balloons: Goofy, Obélix, Astérix, Donald Duck, Popeye, Roger Rabbit and finally the uncle Picsou  made with no less than seventeen balloons.