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Sorcière d'HalloweenThe scary witch and the gorilla
Halloween takes place during the night of the October the 31st to November the 1st.
This very ancient pagan festival originates from medieval Ireland.
Today, in Anglo-Saxon countries, mainly in North America, Halloween marks the beginning of Christmas celebrations.

The legend

The legend has it that this particular night of Halloween was favourable for fairies and witches flying on their broom sticks in the sky.

The tradition

The most famous Halloween tradition is for children to dress up with scary or funny costumes (such as ghost costumes, witches costumes, monster costumes or vampire costumes) and go and ring people’s door bells to ask them for treats.

The symbol

The main symbol for Halloween is the pumpkin: it is cut open and emptied in order to Citrouille d'Halloweendraw a face then a candle is place in the hollow centre of the pumpkin.
It’s the month of the witches with darkened teeth that have been eating too much candy, of blood sucking vampires, of bats and of ghosts that hide under beds! 
We offer diverse animations for Halloween:
Such as a witch, a gorilla and face painting for children
Ah ! Ah ! Ah Here is Halloween!!!