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The Barrel Organ

Orgue et chanteuseOrgue sur échassesPompon the clown is very fond of the barrel organ; indeed he is a very good player of this mysterious instrument.
Whether he is dressed as a clown or wearing a period costume, whether he is playing on the ground or on stilts or whether he is playing alone or with his singer, the barrel organ and the accompanying vocals are perfect for livening up your parties.
A series of songs will allow you to sing along with the barrel organ.


Barrel organs are perfect instruments for parties, for theatre events, for market events, for rural events such as car boot sales or fairground parties, for weddings, for family events, for birthdays and for events that are held in bars and cafes.
During music festivals nothing compares to a barrel organ
The barrel organ provides great entertainment with a fabulous show with French songs; it’s a real animation of festive music!!
There are all sorts of barrel organs: barrel organs for fairs, barrel organs for dancing, ambulatory barrel organs, portable barrel organs and also barrel organs with pipes.
The barrel organ, which is an old instrument, will allow you to listen to past and present tunes that create a festive atmosphere.
Accompanied with singers, you will have a signing and musical barrel organ show!


The barrel organ is especially nice during the Christmas period. It is the ideal instrument to welcome children.