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Face paintings

Maquillage sur bras d'enfantEnter into Pompon the clown’s world of colours
The make up artist will do face painting for children at all your events.

The little ones dream

I would like a face painting of a princess; I want a face painting of a snake in an orange desert, or a face painting of a golden butterfly or a wild tiger…. I would like a Spiderman themed face painting, and me a face painting of a vampire, and me a witch and me a face painting of a pirate…..
It’s to answer to all those dreams (of small children and older ones too!) that Francois, the magician of colour, comes to you chosen location to do face paintings.


Everybody loves having a face painting: from face painting of a mouse to a cat or of an Indian to a pirate or of a princess to a fairy. Every wish is satisfied.
Nothing can compare to the look of joy and marvel on your little girl’s face as she looks at her face painting in the mirror for the first time.
Even the ones that are a bit sceptic at first about their face painting will be marvelled as they contemplate their new identity in the mirror. 
Face paintings are adaptable depending upon the chosen theme of your party.

How many time?

Generally a face painting takes between 3 and 6 minutes but it may vary depending upon the complexity of the face painting.


The make up artist only uses products of the best quality. The make up is easy to remove with water and does not irritate even the most sensitive of skins.
So do not hesitate to contact the face painting master as it s with the greatest pleasure that he brings a bit of colour to everybody’s lives….Maquillage et ballons


Face paintings can be take place at birthday parties, open days, family events, fairground parties, staff parties, school parties, hen nights, communions, christenings, in shopping centres, neighbourhood parties, in homes for elderly people, end of year parties and during events for young people