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Street Animations

Pompon the clown magician offers a wide range of animations to bring colour, happiness and emotions to your houses and neighbourhoods.
He offers a diverse range of animations for original and curious children.

Where Pompon go

He entertains everywhere and at many types of events.


For private occasions such as family events, birthdays, christenings, communions, confirmations, weddings, wedding anniversaries, hen nights, stag nights and staff parties.


 For public occasions such as cocktails, car boot sales, office parties, markets, Christmas markets, open days, school parties, neighbourhood parties, fairground parties, new year parties, Christmas events, Saint Nicolas parties, medieval events, Halloween parties, festivals and many more.


 And he also entertains in public areas such as supermarkets, nurseries, care homes for the elderly, youth development centres, retiring homes, shopping centres…
If you need someone to raise interest and promote one of your events in an original way, he is the person you need to get in touch with! He will be able satisfy all your needs and will be a real plus for your event/project.
Do you wish to organise a fun afternoon with children or grown ups that are in touch with their inner child? Well, Pompon the clown offers a wide range of activities and workshops to entertain everyone not matter what their age group…

What Pompon do

 Here is a list of the various activities offered by pompon the clown:
Magic tricks, barrel organ performances, storytelling shows, puppet shows, clown shows, stilt walking performances, “fake waiter” acts, automaton acts, miming shows, living statue acts, face painting, monocycle performances, Chinese shadows performances, juggling shows and signing performances.


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